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Branding and brand strategy for M Social, a hotel in Singapore.


A Hotel For a New Type of Traveller The new breed of traveler, driven by curiosity, seeks out authentic and customised experiences. They do not meticulously curate opportunities for surprises, only to end their day in a faceless and voiceless hotel.

We helped Millennium and Copthorne craft a new brand to appeal to this audience. By understanding what they seek in their travels, we developed M Social — an exuberant brand to match their audience’s energy.

©M Social
The travel hospitality sector is crowded with indistinguishable offerings and tired brands. Within price brackets, they differ only in their logos. But a brand is much more than that — it’s the small moments of truths (touchpoints) that build a brand. Each interaction builds connections, giving life to a brand’s personality.

©M Social
Beating with the Heart of the City
Our visual identity system is designed to carry latent energy, easily deployable across a wide suite of touchpoints. Each touchpoint is not just a deliverable but an opportunity to delight; designed to make an emotional connection — from bedroom slippers and drinking cups, to a keycard holder that doubles as a neighborhood map.

A Friendly Voice
Energetic, but not overly excited. Friendly, but not fake. Brands do a lot of talking through promotional efforts — with the right voice, M Social can now engage with the right audience.
An Identity that Adapts and grows
With these assets, tools, guides, and frameworks, the M Social brand can be easily extended across new locations and applications. This extensive project culminated in a comprehensive manual to help M Social adapt for tomorrow’s needs.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Messaging Pillars
We aligned M Social with travelers who were looking for lodgings that matched their attitude towards life and travel. With a strong narrative, clear messaging, and tools for brand managers to grow with, M Social’s distinct brand personality punched through the noise for a successful product launch.

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