project x: CHIKI

Children used to receive a cash allowance that they could see and touch. It visibly dwindled with every purchase. The growth of savings, and the pain of opportunity cost, were all tangible lessons baked into the medium of physical cash. But as we move into a cashless society, how will we teach our children to manage digital money?

Contributor Shania Phang

We created Chiki to teach lessons in financial responsibility, translated for children of a digital age.

Money is a tool for achieving goals and solving some problems, not an end in itself. With Chiki, we wanted to cultivate not only responsible habits, but also a healthy attitude toward money.

Chiki adapts to different age groups and needs. A 6 year old user experiences the app differently than a 12 yr old.

The world is changing rapidly. By anticipating what our children might need, we can equip them with the right tools and mindset for success. Chiki is Finance 101 reimagined, by Somewhere Else.

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