Decision-making can be a real headache.

Confronted with equally glowing mission statements, industry jargon and service listings, it can be hard to sort the good apples from the bad ones. To make it easy for you, here’s why you should pick us.

Equipping you with everything you need to stand out.

A logo alone does not make a brand. For years, we’ve worked with both leading businesses and ambitious start-ups, so our experienced team knows exactly how to give customers more reasons to choose you.

Your brand is how it is seen, heard and experienced, which is why we tailor thoughtful solutions that blend all three. We understand how customers think, translating this into design that addresses your needs, along with valuable toolkits that you can use again and again.

The best investment you can make is in your brand.

Customers need a reason to care about your brand, and investing in a strong and memorable one is key in getting people to take notice. We’re here to make sure your investment pays off.

One less thing to worry about.

Finding it tough to get real one-on-one time? As a small but highly experienced studio, we partner with you to offer high quality services on par with the big boys but with the personalised attention your brand deserves. We promise to take the weight off your shoulders, not add more to it.

Interested? Let’s talk about your needs and budget, and how we can make the most of it.

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We’ve Worked With:

American Express (Singapore)
PwC (Singapore)
CapitaLand (Singapore)
Ritz Carlton (Singapore)
Millennium & Copthorne
Naumi Hotels
Park Hotel Group
KOP Group
The Lo & Behold Group
Unlisted Collection

Asics (Singapore)
GU (Shanghai)
RICE Media
LePan Media (Hong Kong)
National Gallery (Singapore)
National Arts Council
Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Asian Film Archive
National University of Singapore

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What People Like About Us

“Walked In Grumpy, Walked Out Happy.”

Every Other ClientPretty Much

“Centrally located. Pretty good spa next door.”

Jonny ChanCourier

“Keeps pretty clean books; in their library at least.”

Sindy SeetPart-Time Accountant

“Pretty good (free) WIFI.”

Jasmine HoEmployee

“Pays rent on time; because their clients pay on time.”

Vincent TayLandlord