We started Somewhere Else because we were tired of brands putting everything but people first.

And so we work towards a world where thoughtful design shapes your every experience. Where the mundane becomes delightful, and the complex becomes simple. A world that’s always moving forward but never leaving its people behind. We’re playing a small part to try and help build it.

We’re really good at:

Strategic Thinking

We like to look at the bigger picture. Pretty furniture without a house doesn’t do much for anyone. By exploring perspectives and asking the right questions, we build a strong foundation for your brand and solve crucial challenges early in the process.

Memorable Brands

It’s a great pleasure to be able to help brands better engage with their customers. Why be just another run of the mill business? We work hard at creating memorable experiences that people just can’t get enough of.

Big Ideas

We don’t believe in overused concepts that appear trendy, but don’t last. If you’ve got a story to tell, it deserves something fresh that will carry you through to the future. Have an idea you’re excited about?

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We’ve Worked With:

American Express (Singapore)
PwC (Singapore)
CapitaLand (Singapore)
Ritz Carlton (Singapore)
Millennium & Copthorne
Naumi Hotels
Park Hotel Group
KOP Group
The Lo & Behold Group
Unlisted Collection

Asics (Singapore)
GU (Shanghai)
RICE Media
LePan Media (Hong Kong)
National Gallery (Singapore)
National Arts Council
Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Asian Film Archive
National University of Singapore

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What People Like About Us

“Walked In Grumpy, Walked Out Happy.”

Every Other ClientPretty Much

“Centrally located. Pretty good spa next door.”

Jonny ChanCourier

“Keeps pretty clean books; in their library at least.”

Sindy SeetPart-Time Accountant

“Pretty good (free) WIFI.”

Jasmine HoEmployee

“Pays rent on time; because their clients pay on time.”

Vincent TayLandlord