Connecting People With Homes

Rebranding, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity System, Brand Communications

99.co is a technology company founded to help home seekers easily sieve through dubious or weak property listings, to quickly and safely navigate the property jungle. As part of their ramp up towards a full-scale launch, we helped them create a new strategic position to better deliver their messages clearly to their customers and internal stakeholders.

Making Home Ownership Simple

External communications were broken into three pillars, Technical, Practical and Emotional to simplify and avoid overloaded messaging. Photography guides helped orientate the brand’s visual usage with a focus on the use of emotive imagery.

An Identity Good For Print & Screens

The visual identity reinterpreted 99.co’s original font and colour to present the new brand idea of helping home seekers home in on their new homes. This “target” device was then broken up and expanded to bring greater flexibility in use across collaterals and mediums.

A detailed UI guide was also created to help expand their brand identity over multiple platforms, while remaining consistent and user friendly.

Post Project Summary

Often times, great products may underperform because of poor communications in the marketplace. With 99.co, they were quite well known but people were often confused about where the brand stood. We sought to help them gain reach by putting greater emphasis on their commitments to customers’ needs; instead of explaining technical features we helped 99.co explain their benefits.

Armed with a brand toolkit and a clear messaging direction, 99.co’s internal team is able to continue extending the adaptive identity independently as the brand continues to grow.