Allscript Magazines

Bringing a Brand Out of Obscurity

Rebranding, Visual Identity System, Brand Communications, Website Design

As one of the largest magazines distributors in Singapore, Allscript decided to shift into dealing directly with customers. Faced with a challenge to improve their physical and digital retail experience, we took the opportunity to advise Allscript to revise their approach.

While having established themselves as a distributor, the retail marketplace was not familiar with Allscript, so we helped them increase their visibility by creating an adaptive identity that enabled them to quickly attract attention.

A Digital Space for Print

While previously focused exclusively on business to business transactions, Allscript expanded to include selling magazines and subscriptions directly to customers. With their first iteration not working well, developing a reliable online store became of paramount importance.

Delightful Touch Points

Extra attention was paid to create a set of price tags that was functional and striking, highlighting to customers that they could purchase their favourite magazines online. Delivery vans drew attention on the roads and were easily recognisable.

Post Project Summary

By working very closely with the client, the new identity and their marketing efforts made a tremendous difference. Our work extended from rebranding to social media. In the first six months of the rollout, Allscript experienced an 80% increase in web traffic as well as a 60% increase in customer visibility and recognition. There was a spike of 75% in sales and 50% more footfall across various outlets.