An Online Retailer Comes of Age

Brand Refresh, Design Strategy, Visual Identity System, UX, UI Art Direction, Brand Communications

With roots as a humble blog shop, Arcade grew over the years into an online store, creating their own elegant and classic pieces. However, their customers’ perception of the brand hadn’t changed.

Arcade needed help in portraying their new maturity while retaining their warmth and friendliness as a brand. Instead of starting from a clean slate, we helped them develop an evolutionary identity with personality that extended beyond a logo update, injecting delight into unexpected touchpoints based on a simple adaptive identity system.

Packages that Deliver Smiles

A special touch was added to Arcade’s mailing bags, bringing smiles to customers while differentiating their brand from other online stores that rely on generic poly mailer bags

Extending Personality

Little lines of copy were sprinkled across various collaterals as a means to further connect with customers, to bring delight and a warm touch.

A Redesigned Online Experience

Together with digital partners, Convey, a new user experience was mapped out based on problems with the original site uncovered during the discovery phase. Subtle animations and a lighter, simplified user journey was created and deployed.

Post Project Summary

A brand refresh can often appear daunting but when executed well, it goes on to be of great assistance to any strategic plans brands may have. In Arcade’s case, along with better website performance; they have now managed to retain their existing customer base and with stronger relevance, have also gone on to capture a new audience segment with the establishment of a mens line.