Camp Symmetry

Not just another indie festival

Visual Identity System, Character Design, Illustration, Website Design

An indie music festival put together by start-up, Symmetry Entertainment, Camp Symmetry was created with the intention to occur with a different theme in each edition.

For the inaugural festival, the theme was a play on a scout camp in the woods. Characters were custom designed to display quirky attitudes expected of boisterous scouts. Work extended from logo, custom typeface to collaterals, website and includes custom windows in partnership with Fred Perry Singapore.

Creating Collectibles

Every application is thoughtfully designed to be different from the next, creating a diverse set of unique items that inspired people to collect some of these ephemera.

A Peek Into the Meadows

Apart from the usual festival collateral, we collaborated with Fred Perry, designing their windows to bring some of the graphics to life.

Post Project Summary

The memorable event complimented by our suite of applications, created strong brand affinity, with festival-goers still using the merchandise years later.