Grand Park

Kodhipparu, Maldives

Crafting Differentiation Through Narrative

Customer Journey Mapping, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity System, Brand Communications

Somewhere Else was asked by the Park Hotel Group to create a strategic brand for their first foray into the luxury resorts sector.

With the Maldives being a unique destination that sells itself and every atoll being similar, every competitor is essentially selling the same sky, beach and sea. Brands in this environment rely on similar imagery and language to promote themselves, so as new entrants, Grand Park needed to be differentiated and we delivered on that by developing an emotional brand for them.

We often hear people say time is luxury, but we wondered if we could help guests of Grand Park Kodhipparu intensify that precious feeling by highlighting it. At Grand Park Kodhipparu, a pocket in time is created; where time slows down, melts and bends—where minutes can feel like luxurious hours.

A Ripple in Time

At Grand Park Kodhipparu, time slows, blurring and softening like how the sea melts into the sky over the horizon.

It is a place where one can linger on the shores as the waves unfold, sitting with the setting sun for what feels like an eternity, but is actually only a moment. Echoing this feeling, the visual identity seeks to express this concept by presenting 2 sets of varying shadows on a single plane, as a foundation for a set of bespoke prints which were then applied onto a whole suite of touchpoints. As per our usual approach, every touchpoint is carefully considered and designed to engage.

The Story of Time

Brand communications are kept gentle and kindly, with a tinge of mindfulness—a sense of wonder and delight. The main collaterals were broken up into different timescales to tell the different stories that make up Grand Park Kodhipparu.

A Passing Day

The Sales Brochure takes the would-be guest through the experience of an entire day on the property.

Many Little Moments

The Welcome Brochure doubles as a keycard holder for the arriving guest. It communicates offerings and activities by bringing guests through a series of moments they can expect on the island.

A Story Told Through Time

The differentiated hotel compendium features a story booklet which briefly tells the history of Maldives through time, from formation to present.

Post Project Summary

When every competitor provides similar offerings with little to no emotional branding, there is a big opportunity to be positioned differently. Stories can be incredibly powerful, some lasting thousands of years, some so inspirational that they change lives. We helped Grand Park Kodhipparu define itself by creating a differentiated story that they can retell to guests. For us, it’s about creating a context for guests to contemplate their experience.