Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

Writing a Different Narrative

When every competitor has similar offerings and differences may be marginal with  little to no emotional branding, there is a big opportunity to be positioned different.

To have time, is true luxury. Time being the one thing we are all given that we can’t regain once it’s gone.

By honing in on that thought and trying to amplify the experience of a single moment felt at Grand Park Kodhipparu, a pocket is created; where time slows down, melts and bends—where minutes can feel like luxurious hours.

Park Hotel Group


Brand Positioning
Customer Journey Mapping
Visual Identity System
Brand Communications

A Ripple in Time

At Grand Park Kodhipparu, time slows, blurring and softening like how the sea melts into the sky on the horizon.

It is a place where one can linger on the shores as the waves unfold, sitting with the setting sun for what feels like an eternity, but is only a moment. By extending the experience of time, we amplify this feeling, making every moment and experience lasting. The visual identity seeks to express this concept by presenting 3 sets of varying shadows on a single plane.

The Story of Time

Brand communications are kept gentle and kindly, with a tinge of mindfulness—a sense of wonder and delight. The main collaterals were broken up into different timescales to tell the different stories that make up Grand Park Kodhipparu.

A Passing Day

The Sales Brochure takes the would-be guest through the experience of an entire day on the property

Many Little Moments

The Welcome Brochure doubles as a keycard holder for the arriving guest. It communicates offerings and activities by bringing guests through a series of moments they can expect on the island.

A Story Told Through Time

A differentiated hotel compendium, this features a story booklet which briefly tells the history of Maldives through time, from formation to present.

Post Project Summary

+ Comprehensive brand narrative to engage guests and partners
+ Suite of branded touch points to engage guests
+ Scalable visual identity system to compete in the cluttered hospitality category