M Social

Creating a Sociable Brand

Brand Creation, Brand Communications, Visual Identity System, Website Design
Millennium and Copthorne, 2016

Millennium and Copthorne needed help in creating a new brand that would appeal to a new age of travellers. M Social is a hotel for the restless, curious travellers who plan their own trips and indulge in authentic experiences. To develop such a brand, it was essential that M Social exuded the kind of exuberance that these travellers were after, one loaded with energy.

Beating With the Heart of the City

The visual identity is designed to carry a latent energy and easily deployable to the wide suite of touchpoints a hotel needs. Every single touchpoint was designed with to connect with guests, from bedroom slippers, drinking cups all the way to little housekeeping messages.

A Friendly Voice

What really brought the brand to life was the brand personality we developed. M Social is energetic but not overly excited, its friendly but not fake. As you know, a typical brand does a lot of talking in its promotional efforts but without the right voice, it’s hard to engage the desired audience.

M Social is a meeting place, a node, a gathering of independent spirits.

Adaptive Identity

With the assets and tools we developed, the M Social brand can easily be extended across any new requirements or locations. The extensive project culminated in internal on-boarding guides as well as a brand manual to help staff develop extensions for tomorrow’s needs.

Post Project Summary

The hospitality sector is crowded with indistinguishable offerings and tired brands. In its bid to gain new relevancy, Millennium & Copthorne was wise to understand that beyond a logo, it’s all the little touch points that build a brand. It’s the brand personality that will shape the offerings which garner the fans. To launch a new product or service, a brand needs little more than a distinct identity. But to truly punch through the noise and persuade customers, a brand will need a strong narrative, clear messaging and tools for brand managers and marketeers to win.