M Social

A Living and Breathing Hotel

In recent years, hotel chains have been diversifying by developing new hotel brands for a new age of travelers. M Social is a hotel for the restless, aimed at travellers who live for the moment and enjoy life. With the personality of a friend and graphics derived from the urban landscape and the flickering lights of TV static, its identity is one that never sleeps, dynamic and always bold.

Millenium and Copthorne


Brand Creation
Brand Communications
Visual Identity System
Website Design

Beating with the Heart of the City

After a thorough process which helped to define the positioning as well as tone of voice for the brand, the identity set out to portray an urban attitude without looking grimy, energetic flavour without feeling like a tired approach, friendliness without feeling fake. Every touchpoint was considered and designed to connect with hotel guests through the M Social voice; from bedroom slippers to cups all the way to little housekeeping notes.


Type was inspired by the breaks found in urban neon signage.

A Friendly Voice

The objective of this branding exercise was to bring life to the client’s new vision, one that carried it’s own distinct personality with a dynamic scalable identity system able to respond to the various needs of the hotel brand, whether through in-house or marketing materials. The extensive project culminated in internal facing guides as well as a visual guide that sought to help the hotel and staff understand and maintain its unique identity.

M Social is a meeting place, a node, a gathering of independent spirits.

Post Project Summary

+ Distinct positioning to scale and adapt across borders
+ Clear messaging guide to articulate value
+ Recognisable and adaptable brand visual language