The Great Room

Defining a Great Place to Work

Brand Creation, Visual Identity System, Signage Design

To many, an office is but a place to get work done; simple furniture and functioning internet.
But what if the goal was to inspire great work? What kind of office would that be?

Besides the many co-working brands targeting start-ups and freelancers, The Great Room understood that there was a segment of the market that was underserved. More than offering incredibly beautiful workspaces, The Great Room sought to infuse into its offerings a unique hospitality touch, one that would help the brand develop a unifying co-working office culture.

Refinement Through Simplicity

Unlike most co-working brands that stand undifferentiated by adopting overly trendy designs, The Great Room sought to do things differently for their more mature customer base. The visual identity was kept simple and subtle—quietly going against the grain from the usual high energy, high bravado co-work-startup trend. Elevated and refined with a classic-contemporary appeal to accompany the brand’s enlightened approach of placing greater emphasis on services and culture—things that really impact how you work.

Inspired Signages

In line with the visual identity, a set of custom drawn icons inspired by the office wear of the 1930s was developed for the various signs. The simple signage system was designed to be functional with a subtle touch of distinction.

Post Project Summary

Co-working brands are popping up all over the world, yet many adopt similar approaches in their identities and offerings. In such a landscape, it becomes difficult for customers to choose. The Great Room understood it’s customer base well from the get go and set about creating a new design direction that goes against the grain of the competition to great success. By developing experiences calibrated to its customers, The Great Room has led it’s brand to an inimitable stature.