The Great Room

What Makes an Office Great?

A beautiful space is just that, a space; a beautiful office is just a nicer space and The Great Room understands that to set itself apart from just being an office landlord in a co-working environment it had to be invested in something inimitable—light-touch hospitality and a great office culture.

The Great Room
Brand Creation
Visual Identity
Signage Design
Visual Identity

Modern Working Community


20’s Grand Hotel Hospitality

Refinement Through Simplicity

The identity design itself reflects the simple design process and the desire for a subtle design language that quietly goes again the current co-work-startup-high energy, high bravado trend. It is elevated and refined with a classic-contemporary appeal. The bulk of the project was in helping the client frame their thought processes, structuring their product offerings and helping to distill their proposition.

Creating a Great Experience

The premise is simple, a corporate setting doesn’t have to be stale, a fun office doesn’t have to look like a playground, a comfortable office doesn’t mean it can’t be refined. Every office has its own set of rituals, but how does one create a unique culture for a space made up of many other offices?

Signage Inspired by the Ages

A set of custom drawn icons inspired by the work wear of the 1930s was developed for the various signs. The simple signage system was designed to be functional, sophisticated with a touch of welcoming and fun.

Post Project Summary

+ Distinguished visual identity that accentuates positioning
+ Distinct and meaningful offerings generated positive reviews
+ Inimitable culture that offers memorable experiences