The Singapore Architect

Reinventing Singapore’s Oldest Architecture Journal

Editorial Branding, Publication Design
2015–2017, Singapore Institute of Architects

A re-imagining of a long running title, The Singapore Architect is the only magazine produced and written by architects, for architects, in South East Asia. Running for more than 40 years, it is the oldest Singapore magazine of its kind.

Working closely with the editors, we helped redesign this series of eight issues in a fresh approach, presenting architecture in Singapore beyond the facade. Designed to be visually engaging despite the heavy content, the publication design was structured to aid this shift in position.

Thoughtful, Intriguing Covers

Each edition sees the editorial design expanded and flexed to accommodate and highlight different types of content. Each edition is anchored by a different theme, which is interpreted and expressed in different ways and finishings—from the colourful wallpaper on Skin to blind embossed tracing paper on Genesis.

The Beauty of Flexibility

With the framework set, every issue seeks to express the theme interestingly by playing within the boundaries of house rules and budget limitations.

A Grid that Flexes

The magazine is trimmed in a tall format to provide space for footnotes and the gained height provided newsstand prominence. Split into four sections, each is printed on a different paper stock for differentiation. Long-form reading is encouraged by the enlarged type as if one is reading notes that have been magnified. Reading formats are playful throughout the magazine, with the book review presented like highlighted notes. All these whilst keeping to a consistent yet flexible structure.

What has changed? Everything—because heavy content has no need to appear impenetrable.

Post Project Summary

Our attention grabbing designs created high visibility which contributed to an increase in sales and widened the readership for the title. It also created talking points amongst the readership which for the magazine, was a much needed rejuvenation. The flexible system we developed allowed for play within each issue without affecting the integrity of the content.

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