The Student Companion

Can Designers Impact Education?

A speculative project exploring what new technology might offer students, parents and teachers of the near future. The Student Companion is much more than a digital textbook; it offers schools an avenue to grade students in a more comprehensive manner beyond their academic abilities. It is concieved to accompany students throughout their scholastic journey and the development of their careers.

Research Project X1
Strategic Roadmap
UX/UI Design

Not meant to replace printed textbooks, a digital device like this allows for learning to be supported by portable, supplementary multimedia content that can be updated remotely.

Homework Reimagined

An alternative approach to home assignments may require longer hours in school but keeps schoolwork out of homes. Fun and engaging, assignments can result in meaningful takeaway that still allows teachers to track progress. This can even take place in school with peer mentors and guidance to circumvent the need for outside school tuition.

With the Student Companion, exercises can be assigned and monitored digitally. Alternative forms of “home”work can be distributed, for e.g. General Interest Projects which are suggested to students based on their individual interests.

Helping Students
in Real Time

Private tuition is big business and for students that cannot afford it, they are at a natural disadvantage. With guided reviews, schools are able to help students in real time, circumventing a need for basic tuition. The Student Companion would also come with a voice-commanded aide, Amelie, that can help students with simpler problems.

On Learning

By removing the “home” from “homework”, learning can be seen as less of a chore.

Collecting a Spectrum of Data

Beyond academic performance metrics, the Student Companion will generate a holistic and comprehensive profile of each student from a combination of digital assignments and teachers’ input. The data collected is then analysed, generating three distinct types of digital reports.

Potential is Infinite

To judge a child’s potential based solely on academic performance has long been a bugbear for many. It is important for teachers and parents to understand a child’s potential beyond academic knowledge to provide relevant support. The Student Companion may be naive, but it presents possibilities in how grading can be robust and helpful to teachers, parents, students, employees and employers once other performance metrics and evaluations are taken seriously into everyday considerations.

Post Project Summary

+ Thoughtful and interactive designs to engage and inspire audiences
+ Integrated and progressive approach to existing educational challenges
+ Heightened awareness towards the trends and gaps in the Singapore education system