Rice Media 

An Unfiltered Take on Asian Culture

Brand Creation, Strategic Roadmap, Brand Communications, Visual Identity System, Website Design, Content-Design Support

Rice is Asia’s alternative voice. From sex workers to politicians, contemporary art to street food, Rice delivers fresh perspectives and bold commentary on everyday life in Asia.

A journalistic site with ambitious content, we created an identity for Rice that was offbeat yet accessible, with little touches that enhanced the reading experience.

Content that’s Out of the Ordinary

With its distinct voice, Rice is poised to present alternative opinions as part of its mission to shape viewpoints and raise questions on broad ranging topics from current affairs to culture.

Offbeat, Yet Accessible

While creating content unlike mainstream media channels, we wanted to maintain an accessible identity that appeals to a broader audience base, encouraging fresh perspectives amongst people who might not otherwise seek it out.

Little easter eggs were hidden throughout the site to trigger curiosity and encourage exploration.

Post Project Summary

  • Development of brand strategy with content and readers at the core

  • Unique and standout identity system that straddles conventional and contemporary design languages

  • Website design and improvements based on data of past-user-behaviour

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