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As told by one who wishes you’d do differently.

The hard how to being a
well-loved brand

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Like everyone, I once struggled to find my place in a world filled with well-loved popular brands. You know, the ones with a perfectly curated social media feed, shining logos, iconic products, the works.

Oh yes, I go by ‘Brand X’ by the way, but who I am exactly is irrelevant to this story. You see, people actually like me now. Like most of you, I was confused before — then a lost voice trying to rise above the noise.

I came to realise however, that I don’t need to be like the popular brands to find a place in this world.

I’m already a part of it.  

As you’d already know, the industry I'm from is about persuading people to choose between similar products of quality, priced differently. 

That was exactly me. Fixated on my own businesses’ best interests, I did whatever was needed to move products, thinking that a brand’s got to do what it got to do.

I rejoiced on days when there were sales but eventually found myself relying on promotions to keep sales up. The whole time, completely oblivious that I was actually not becoming anything of value for my customers and myself.

As business became increasingly precarious and every move felt too costly, I started to feel exhausted, isolated, and feelings of contempt regardless of what state the business was in. While nobody is anymore surprised how fast the world changes by the minute, it was difficult to keep up. I just felt lucky to still be around, counting down to the day this luck will eventually run out. 

My Awakening

Have you seen what people do to brands that don’t live up to expectations, they voice their opinions or simply move on. The market’s saturated and they’re spoiled for choice. 

Unlike before, customers now have copious options to choose from. Many have gotten wise; they know store-branded products are as good as branded ones–they know when the brand is just fluff and the premium they’re asked to pay is just padding. They’re asking questions, ‘where does this come from’, ‘how is this made’, ‘how is it any different’—they’re researching.

It’s not like people have become miserly, just more selective of which brands deserve to be trusted. People are voting with their dollars, choosing brands that are aligned with their personal values—whatever that may be. 

That’s when I realised, the game’s up. 

All this while, I was blinded by my own desires to win over everyone to realise I wasn’t doing enough to truly attract anyone. 

In this industry where it makes sense to imitate the popular brands to find success, I missed to see that success actually comes by owning the agency I have always had as a brand; to love the people I serve in my own special ways.

For me, it boiled down to a few simple questions: ‘What tangible difference do my products deliver?’ ‘Beyond my products, what do people really need from me?’ ‘What is the best version of myself?’

Brands like me often fail to see ourselves as already integral to this world before success is obtained. That we each can have our unique way of serving our people beyond pushing product—to be a successful brand is to continually work at being our best selves. It is a continuous journey of uniting what’s material for the business to what’s meaningful for people.

Instead of compromising on our values just to meet demand, sticking to our own and attracting  the people that resonates with us is what will stick. A whole world of people that need us at our unique, valued, best is waiting to discover us.

Back Stronger

But hey, my fellow brands, I totally get it. Getting there can sometimes feel like scaling a scraggly mountain in a snow storm. It’s hard to get your footing, there’s no roadmap, but it’s not exactly rocket science either. All it took me was commitment and honouring the relationship I have with people.

Trying to meet my customers’ exacting expectations can seem like an extraordinarily high bar, but doing it incrementally makes it achievable—I do it my own way, at my own pace. Those that I can’t please now, I woo them again, by reaching out, listening and working on their feedback; rebuilding my relationships with my customers one at a time. 

I’m rising up to the importance of becoming something greater than a transaction, to be a brand that people will always love.

This is the fundamental perspective to be a well-loved brand, which till today many still do not see.

Cliche as it sounds, I feel like a late-bloomer who’s finally flourishing in life. excited to forge all the meaningful relationships to come. I can now navigate through life along with people I care about.

It will feel like a punch in the gut to shed your current self, but it’s well-worth the effort if you envision your brand as a valuable member of society.

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