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The qualities of our favourite brands.


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We all have that favourite top—fits wonderfully but too precious to wear; that one bubble-tea shop we ‘just-have-to’ patronise, that hotel we miss—not just for the stay but because of a kind act rendered years ago. Perhaps like us, on your wish-list too is an item you’re saving for, pricey as is it, yet thinking about its immaculate craft convinces us that it’s all worth it.

For us, qualifying our buying decisions through such tangible qualities makes avoiding disappointment so much easier.

But in the calibre of our hearts lies certain brands that cut through these tangible qualities… The ones that make us go “oh yes”— telling all our friends to support them; confidently recommending them to someone important. They are the ones whom we’d even readily forgive for a service lapse.  
Why These Brands Though?

Considering that brands are merely representations of businesses, it feels almost silly for us to admit that there are brands we ‘love’. Just what about them makes us say yes again and again?

   1.   They’re Focused On Purpose
Here for a clear reason, these brands run their own race, invested in the needs of the people they seek to serve. Instead of chasing quick profits, they’re ok to go against the grain for a smaller piece of the pie.

We connect with such brands because their values extend beyond fancy statements. Even though we’ve not patronised with them yet or they’ve been around generations before us, we can relate because of the shared sense of purpose we have with them. It’s their mission our hearts choose to support—and not simply because of some discount or the happiness their product gives us at that time.

   2.   They’re Problem Lovers
Unafraid of confronting challenges and embracing change— these brands are the ones that always stand out, their behaviours reflecting their commitment to deliver sincere solutions that actually make sense. They don’t just live behind a stellar product or years of heritage, but are always seeking out new ways to be better in a world that is continuously changing.

We can’t help but look forward to what they’re doing next because we know that they invest generously on themselves to show up for us.

   3.   They’re Helplessly Honest
Just like that one friend whose presence feels comfortable because we understand their genuine intentions, such are the brands who are tactfully honest and aren’t pretentious. It’s refreshing in a time when we’re exposed to so much of the same, slick, advertisements. These brands prioritise being real and sticking to their personality, making it easier for us to empathise with them even when they slip up. They speak to us as a person would with a friend, it feels safe knowing there’s a brand we can wholly trust.

Marketing is essential for businesses, but not marketing-speak overshadowing authenticity to a point where it’s disingenuous. It’s just more attractive to us when brands say it as it is, clearly and transparently.

These are the core qualities of the kind of brannds we can’t help but love... and the brands we seek to build.

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