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Worksheets to help designers brand and market themselves with thoughts, personality, aspirations and skills.


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Designers don’t typically love presentations. We prefer to be behind the scenes, and find it positively nerve-racking when we are asked to talk about ourselves. But when the next job opportunity is on the line, it’s not something one can hide from.

Luckily, there’s little to be afraid of if two basic things are taken care of, 1. Knowing what to prepare for, and 2. Preparing it well.

Because design is a skills-based job, it’s easy to be defined by these skills and forget who you are as a designer and what you want to create and achieve. It’s important to remember to present yourself as a whole being; your thoughts, personality, aspirations and skills.

To help you through, we’ve put together a simple set of worksheets to get you started on better footing.

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