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Branding used to be a pretty straightforward exercise—a one-way flow of information from one party to another. In its earliest and most literal usage, branding was used to indicate ownership of livestock! 

In its most commonly known form, branding is used to visually differentiate your product from competitors—Think company logos and product labels.

In recent history, branding expanded beyond visual cues, to include creating and managing perceptions of your product.

In other words, branding shapes how people think about products. But today, simply telling people what to think won’t cut it. People have changed. Culture has changed. And while many brands are still stuck in the past, agonizing over logos, catalogs and coupons…? The future of branding has already arrived, and you shouldn’t get left behind.

So, what’s changed?

1) People have more information People today are more well-informed about what they’re buying, and less trusting of slogans and marketing claims. We easily investigate product labels, customer reviews, and manufacturing practices. With all the data available to us, we’re able to form our own picture of what a brand really means. What you say about your brand doesn’t mean nearly as much as what other people say about you.

2)People have more choicesEvery brand likes to compete on quality, price, convenience, tastiness... of course, these are what people want! But to play this game, you’re committed to always looking over your shoulder. Top spot is nearly impossible to maintain. All it takes is for one competitor to be cheaper, faster, or more durable, and you can say goodbye to your customer base.

3) People are looking for meaning When people make purchase decisions, the “value for money” option will always be popular. But the consumer definition of “value” has changed drastically! Beyond quality, craftsmanship, and utility, we now assign value to environmental impact, social responsibility, and lifestyle alignment. The idea of “voting with your dollars” has never been stronger — we put our money where we see ourselves affirmed. Brands are now expected to act as signifiers of identity, values, and tribal affiliation—so you’d better represent well, or not at all.

What does this all mean? Simply put, branding is no longer “logo + slogan + celebrity endorsement”. It’s not even the creation of a “brand identity”.

Branding today is an exercise in authenticity.
Find out more in the next chapter, WTF IS BRANDING?


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