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Brand identity system overhaul to unify and strengthen a hotel chain facing fragmentation


A New Era of Business Hotels
Before embarking on an overhaul of their brand, Ariva Hospitality kept a low profile catering to the average business traveller. Ariva had strong financial performance and growth potential but lacked a brand. And with co-branded properties not fully under their control, the outcome was fragmentation and inconsistency in their offerings and brand identity.

With a transition in management, Ariva quickly took the bold step to work towards becoming a leader in the market —re-looking their entire service offering and creating a new hotel concept for the business traveller of tomorrow.

Changing Traveller Needs
With everything that's happening in the contemporary world, travelling for work can be more than stressful and anxiety-inducing. With the health and productivity of employees a top priority for most businesses today, corporate travellers need more flexibility and personalisation when they travel.

Keeping this in mind, Ariva's new property concepts blend work and leisure, so that businesspeople can have peace of mind with up-to-date amenities to suit evolving travel behaviours.

Business, But Smoother
It's common for business hotels to sacrifice personality for the generic. But rather than follow that, Ariva builds on what guests expect—the delivery of a thoughtful experience that merges the convenience, trustworthiness and functionality of business hotels with hospitality and lifestyle elements usually only found at hotels designed for leisure.

An Urban Oasis
To complement their new direction, we envisioned Ariva hotels to be a breath of freshness; an oasis almost amidst hectic concrete jungles and expressed that through a visual concept combining soft and firm graphics that echo the overlapping nature between work and comfort, rest and relaxation when one is working on the road.

The flexible brand elements can be easily composed in a multitude of different configurations to form new imagery and illustrations that are still on brand.

Brand Identity, Guidelines, Visual System, Digital Templates

By creating an extensive identity system that's easy to adapt across a growing portfolio, we helped solve Ariva's biggest pain point—losing control of their brand identity. With a consistent appreance through all communications, the brand is poised to have a stronger presence and recognition across multiple countries.

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