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Brand Audit, Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Visual Identity, UI Design


A travel experience company offering alternative ways to explore SEA, Seek Sophie pivoted to focus on Singapore-based experiences and audiences at the height of the pandemic, resulting in a misunderstood brand positioning. With the pandemic well behind, it was time to present Seek Sophie as it truly is.

Leveraging on Seek Sophie’s unparalleled ability to offer rich, localised experiences across the region, we sought to help them settle into their renewed position as a force that’s encouraging people to embrace a different form of travel, far and away from the expected travel packages.

Keeping it Real
An honour always to work with kind, purpose-led businesses working hard to challenge the status quo, truthfully expressing the Seek Sophie brand was also an added objective of ours.

In articulating Seek Sophie’s brand story, it was critical to delicately hit the right notes that resonate with experience seekers and touch a chord with their innate desire to explore.

Serving adventurous souls searching for uncommon experiences, that, just like them, won’t fit neatly in a box, every single recommendation from Seek Sophie is personal; tried and tested by their own team members (and not cobbled together from some third-party source). If they don’t love it, you won’t see it on Seek Sophie.

This crafted brand story facilitates an authentic connection for Seek Sophie with the right audience.

So Who’s Seek Sophie?
In putting the identity together, we sought to shape a strong visual language that clearly differentiated Seek Sophie from other travel aggregators in the travel landscape. Their brand identity had to exude a sharp uniqueness that would not make sense for imitators to follow.

Against an energetic colour palette, we illustrated travellers exploring lesser known places, doing different unique activities— a nod to the purposeful discovery-driven travel experience that Seek Sophie offers. Like a game of hide and seek, we look for “Sophie” who’s left her mark for us in the different vignettes.

To complement the illustration’s adventurous spirit, the visual language takes cues from more mature lifestyle, travel, and culture editorials— the overall brand identity arriving at a fun yet adaptable form that draws the audience in with rational sensibility.

The World of Seek Sophie
“As fellow explorers, we’ve put our heart and soul into scouring obscure corners of Asia for out-of-the-ordinary activities that are seriously, cool. Seek Sophie showcases a curation of the remarkable, inspiring people and places personally discovered— shortlisted for their unique blend of nature, urban and community-based connections that celebrate curiosity. Whether you’re interested in surfing, scenic views or specialty coffee, we have an unconventional take on just about any activity you can think of.”

Such is the great lengths Seek Sophie commits to, and we had to deliver an online experience that lives up both to its promise and the expectations of its users. No detail was too small that had to be finessed— each pixel, corner, button, modal and key pages were considered, designed and iterated to be expressive yet highly functional.


Brand Audit, Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Visual Identity, UI Design

Only by working very closely and collaboratively with the Seek Sophie team, were we able to develop the energetic brand identity that is uniquely Seek Sophie.

In a world where facades matter more than the meaningful, we are honoured to work on a product that encourages people to venture out of their comfort zones, to find deeper meaning for themselves. With a brand identity that truly reflects the spirit of Seek Sophie, we are encouraged to know that more people will discover new experiences and adventures they’ve never dreamt of.



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