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Brand Strategy, Voice & Messaging Pillars, Internal Alignment, Workflow Templates, Identity Refresh & Operational Templates


Rebranding Singapore’s leading interior design agency towards a new decade of success. Evolving a brand takes time and effort for the direction to crystallise. The process can be stressful as the vision may not be forthcoming. 

Through our process-driven approach, we carefully guided the LAANK team through their transformation phase, resulting in a clear understanding of themselves and an actionable roadmap and tools to chart towards new heights.

The interior design industry in Singapore is one that is messy, cutthroat, male-dominated and burdened by lack of regulation, questionable practices and unsustainable work culture. Operating in this landscape has led many to lose not just focus, but purpose and soul. Against this backdrop, LAANK has risen to become a leading figure. Now sitting amongst the top luminaries—what kind of leader does LAANK want to be?
In the journey to win, the goal is clear with predictable methods, but what does it actually mean to win—how does one harness that authority?

Who am I; What are We?
We’re all familiar with the darkness of existential crises on a personal level but as a business evolves, this is a difficult fog to confront. There are no clear paths but the familiarity of past successes that one has outgrown. There’s no strategy to model after except to embrace the possibilities within uncertainty—with all parties wading to find a direction forward. Despite the turbulence, LAANK was clear about a few goals: • A deep desire to get to new heights  • Being a true leader in the industry  • Staying close to who they’ve always been.

Going back to Why 
While having clear goals is essential to winning; having a clear purpose lends meaning to the effort, without which it’s easy to get lost all over again. To guide LAANK towards the new, improved version of themselves; we started off with a series of esoteric discussions to probe at a deeper purpose behind their business. “Why they do what they do”, “why they fight as hard as they do”, “why LAANK”.

Where to Play (to Win)?
With a renewed sense of purpose and goals further clarified; where does LAANK want to be in the coming years? Firstly, we spoke with their customers to get their unbiased views on LAANK, their purchasing considerations and LAANK’s strengths and weaknesses. Through which, we were able to provide LAANK accurate perspectives of their clients’ needs and struggles as well. Concurrently, we worked closely with management to survey the competitive landscape, arriving at a rational understanding of how they were perceived, where they stood and a clear visualisation of where they could move towards—a roadmap to further distinguish them

How do We Get There?
Through the internal audit, we also found a misalignment in their processes. This led us to co-creating a framework to standardise LAANK’s established processes—helping the team members weave their individual philosophy with LAANK’s renewed purpose; embracing the harsh industry landscape with tenacity and a whole new sense of meaning. 
In our journey together, LAANK has undertaken the difficult challenge of leading the industry by example, choosing gentler practices over exposing the team to brutal treatment that many in the industry had conformed to; establishing a four-day workweek; advocating for better practices when opportune.

LAANK also leaned deeper into their collaborative working style as a key value proposition by further structuring their workflow to allow for effective, respectful collaboration between team and clients.

Brand Strategy, Voice & Messaging Pillars, Internal Alignment, Workflow Templates, Identity Refresh & Operational Templates

By supporting LAANK’s transformation, we’ve helped clear the fog and equipped LAANK with a roadmap forward and tools to excel with renewed creative confidence.

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