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Brand identity system for a financial news platform serving millennial retail investors


Readers Today, Leaders Tomorrow The ongoing pandemic has influenced countless changes in human behaviour. In trying to cope with uncertainty, more people are looking to grow their money, feeding the mushrooming of online communities, self-service apps and gurus dedicated to financial investing. Bread is an investigative financial news platform that shares accessible insights on financial markets with a tone that's smart and served with a touch of delightful irreverence.
Against a deluge of misinformation and nearly incomprehensible online content, Bread cuts through the noise and barriers of entry for retail investors, delivering news in formats relevant to digital natives, thereby empowering a new generation of financially intelligent people.
Compared with headlines of overnight teenage crypto millionaires, regular financial information is challenging for non-insiders and traditional news outlets maintain an equally stiff delivery hence denying access to newer investors and younger audiences.

To serve this significantly growing audience (accustomed to modern apps with high expectations of brands to deliver delightful content in engaging formats across whichever channels they favour, built with intuitive navigation and loaded with purpose and personality), savvy Fintech companies have made their offerings more accessible so as to court new, would-be investors.

Traditional financial news outlets however, continue to rest comfortably in their stuffy selves, and fail to satisfy the emerging audience.

By writing in a more accessible tone and delivering information in visual bite-sized formats that's easier to digest—Bread's larger goal is to democratise information, putting the power back in the hands of the people, so they can take a better informed step into a stock market that was previously out of their reach.

It’s usually difficult to convey personality and warmth from behind a screen. Bread utilises personable illustrations that help humanise the platform with a friendlier experience. Illustrations help break up the flow of reading, keeping the site light on the eyes and less taxing on the brain. These assets go on to provide the brand with a memorable edge, differentiating it from competitors covering similar topics.
In a landscape where stuffy conventional stock images fail to convey anything, we developed a visual language for Bread's editorial images that cross over readily to social media platforms. This collage-esque style was created to give the team immense flexibility in conveying scenarios and expressing ideas more metaphorically, thereby further enhancing the brand.

Brand Identity, Guidelines, Website, Visual System, Digital Templates

By creating a differentiated brand identity for Bread, we helped them stand out in an an arena of ever-growing online news platforms. The brand is just starting out, but they are in a great position to grow and challenge the notion of what financial news needs to look like, and support the changing needs of the new generation.

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