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Extending brand guidelines for an expanding luxury-leisure hotel group


Brand Expression through Growth Capella Hotel Group consistently ranks as one of the best hotels brands worldwide. In Asia especially, the brand is growing at a phenomenal rate amongst luxury leisure travellers. But with new properties opening in unique destinations, we needed a way to help new on-the-ground teams understand and express the Capella brand.

It’s always tricky maintaining brand consistency in times of growth. Each department may interpret things slightly differently, eventually diluting the core brand. This negatively affects the customer’s experience of the brand; over time, the brand erodes from internal misalignment.

Most large companies do have documents that state brand strategy and brand guidelines. But when it comes to executing the brand in everyday, granular ways, these documents aren’t very helpful, especially to on-the-ground teams. To solve this problem, we worked with Capella to identify areas which needed the most practical guidance, and extended existing frameworks for executing the brand in its truest form.
Putting a point-of-view into practice

From brand strategy to identity management


F&B Guidlines, Hotel Styling Guidelines, Photography, Video Storyboarding, Digital Templates
By expanding a top-level set of brand guidelines into detailed and practical usages, brand consistency can be achieved even in times of rapid growth. New teams and external vendors aren’t always able to absorb and express the brand well, so granular frameworks can help manage brand identity across multiple departments and locations.

Need an actionable Brand Guideline in times of growth?




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