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On the highest floors of the 280m high One Raffles Place resides OUE Restaurants’ first foray into the nightlife entertainment scene. Housing two distinct conceptual experiences—we worked closely with OUE SKY’s pre-opening team of nightlife veterans to co-create HighHouse and Nova from scratch.

Head In The Clouds
To give form to an initially flickering vision, we dreamed of a place that will leave an indelible mark in the landscape. A place where people gather to nourish themselves (through food, drinks, music, and art), celebrate culture, and leave with their curiosities cultivated. Due to it’s prominent location, people of different backgrounds are inevitably drawn to the space. Instead of aiming OUE SKY at the lowest common denominator, both brands cater a culturally-enriching experience to the masses by testing individual boundaries— but without alienating them.

The Brands
Each brand is distinguished and defined by its own manifestations, yet unified by the founding spirit they share of a night-life destination that nourishes people through culture.

High House:
A transcendent day to night destination that honours the bonds that shape us.

Where the renewal of life and ever-new cultural encounters are embodied.




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