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Hacking the internet:
Free stuff for stay at home creatives

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To help you make the most of your time at home, we’ve put together a bunch of great (and free!) resources to ensure you keep your sanity, and also emerge from your home a month (or more) from now smarter and more inspired than ever before.

There’s so many free talks online that we couldn’t even include all of them. Curate your own conference by listening to any of these brilliant speakers and the gems of wisdom they have to impart.
Here are a couple of sites to get you started:
1) Nicer Tuesdays
2) TED Talks
4) Glug
5) Creatives at Home
6) Awwwards
7) The Do Lectures

Prefer to watch something with a little more pizazz? Catch a classic design documentary or some indie flicks, generously shared for free during this period by their creators.
Watch Gary Hustwit’s Design Documentaries
Stream some films, courtesy of indie film house Cinema Aki
Get spirited away with a 4-Part Hayao Miyazaki documentary

For all of you iNTeleKtuaLs, here are our favourite online publications and books that will make you feel a little wiser and older.

1) Lecture in Progress
2) DesignBetter Books
3) The Shape of Design
4) Critical Writing
5) Branding
7) design observer

If you’re trying to take a break from design, get some advice and learn more about being human from the folks over at The school of Life

Find yourself looping the same few tracks day after day? Afraid your Year in Spotify 2020 will show you listened to 200 hours of Brockhampton or Ariana Grande?

1) Check out new musicians
2) Attend a live gig
3) Be entertained by crazy interviews 4) Get lost in mesmerising artist shows 5) See what everyone’s listening to

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