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Music at work improves our moods. We take a look at who’s listening to what at Somewhere Else, a Singapore-based branding agency.

What’s playing in the Studio?

Words by Jasmine Ho
©Somewhere Else
Why people listen to music at work.

Yong Ng, Creative Director
It gets difficult for me to concentrate, so I prefer instrumental music that’s almost meditative, all my workplace music falls into this overall range, as I like to keep within a focused zone.
Songs Selected:
1) Sandtreader by Harold Budd

2) Blink by Hiroshi Yoshimura

3) April by Akira Kosemura

4) The Best Paper Airplane Ever by Lullatone

5) Mogwai Fear Satan by Mogwai

Kitty Fung, Brand Strategist
I don't really listen to music when I work, but when I need inspiration or a mental break, I look for music across all genres that create a sort of 'soundscape' I can get lost in. Then hopefully re-emerge recharged, refreshed and ready to rumble!
Songs Selected:
1) Aké by Black Bassy

2) Buckwild - Soul Square Remix by Wax Tailor, Idil, Soul Square

3) Call It Fate, Call It Karma by The Strokes

4) Road to Harvest by Elena Kats-Chernin, Acacia

5) Sing to the Moon by Laura Mvula

Danielle Ng, Associate Creative Director
I like to listen to all kinds of music when I work, depending on my mood. Quiet, relaxing music for slow afternoons and sharp, restless tracks for when deadlines draw near. Sometimes I prefer wordless music if I'm thinking or writing, or if I need to concentrate I like to pick something with a beat that I can really get into. It really helps me focus and forget everything happening around me.

Songs Selected:
1) Abusey Junction by KOKOROKO

2) Don’t Swear the Technique by Eric B. & Rakim

3) Looking Out by Type.Raw

4) The Second Waltz, Op. 99a by André Rieu, Johann Strauss Orchestra

5) Ambivalence Avenue by Bibio

Yoon Wong, Project Manager
This doesn’t actually help me concentrate very much. But the beats are good, so it puts me in a better mood overall. I would say the productive work starts when the playlist is over. HAHA.
Songs Selected:
1)Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka

2) Good Thing Gone by Elle King

3)Karmacoma by Massive Attack

4)The Fade Out Line by Phoebe Killdeer, The Short Straws

5)In Step by Girl Talk

Jasmine Ho, Senior Designer
I often have difficulty focusing and concentrating so I generally prefer background type of music which helps filter off the distractions. When feeling tired and sleepy, I often turn to meditative fast beats and rhythms to give a boost while I power through. When reading and thinking, I’d go something more instrumental.

Songs Selected:
1)Drone Logic by Daniel Avery

2)LesAlpx by Floating Points

3) The World II by Shigeo Sekito

4) Linked by Bonobo

5) Dream About Me by The Depreciation Guild

Soohee Choi, Designer
I usually listen to one song over and over on repeat, it becomes like a mantra so I can concentrate on my work, and these songs, I never tire of.

Songs Selected:
1) Liability by Lorde

2) Paris by The 1975

3) Wait for You by SURAN

4) Summer by Keshi

5) A Good Day by OOHYO

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