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Get your children involved in our worksheets to learn about design thinking and innovation.


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Design thinking is an educational approach that centers around creative problem-solving as a tool for innovation, creation and solution finding. By allowing children to connect large problems with everyday experiences, kids build a maker mindset — changing the way they think about the world. This powerful and hands-on approach encourages children to tackle future challenges with curiosity and empathy.

Projects are usually guided by these 5 steps:
1)Empathise – Learn about the people you’re creating for and understand their needs
2) Define – Redefine and focus your question based on what you’ve learnt
3)Ideate – Brainstorm lots of creative solutions
4) Prototype – Build your idea to show to others!
5)Test – Try your invention out and get feedback

Because this style of learning is project based, it empowers children to take ownership of their ideas and thoughts, as well as helps them form and develop executive functioning and self-regulation skills like planning, focus, self-control, awareness and flexibility during their early childhood, which is one of the best windows of opportunity for skill-building.

Teach your kids design thinking with this free set of printable worksheets for inventors aged 8 to 12. By getting them to ask questions, the worksheets guide children towards creating implementable solutions that they can prototype and test.

1)Guide for parents
2) 4 Design challenges to help kids get started
3) Thinking framework that can be used for any problem they (or you) would like to solve!

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