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Redefining the music festival as a boundless, roving experience accessible to all walks of life


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As the world gets more digital and we spend more time on screens — we wanted to explore how people can experience physical spaces in new ways, while bringing music to unlikely everyday audiences. Jazz was the perfect medium, being a genre that transcends generations.

More than just a series of concerts, but a harmonious intersection of musicality and discovery, Jazz On The Run is a conceptual jazz festival that aims to redefine how jazz is experienced and embraced in Singapore.

Challenging Jazz Festival Norms

Jazz events in Singapore have often been viewed through a particular lens — as exclusive gatherings that appeal primarily to a niche demographic of enthusiasts.

This perception has created a gap, leaving many potential festival-goers feeling excluded or intimidated.

Similarly, traditional music festivals, with their intense and overwhelming environments, have often failed to attract those seeking a more relaxed, laid-back musical experience.

Jazz On The Run is designed to break away from these conventional norms, introducing jazz as a genre that knows no boundaries.

A travelling festival that knows no bounds

Jazz On The Run differs from other festivals by taking jazz to the streets, parks and open spaces in Singapore, travelling through different towns and collaborating with local businesses and setting up performances in their spaces.

This dynamic, mobile celebration of jazz brings music to the people in unexpected and exciting ways, offering a diverse range of jazz styles to appeal to both passionate enthusiasts, casual listeners, and even those who happen upon it incidentally, welcoming them to observe freely.

Diversity in sounds and stories

From homegrown talents steeped in Singaporean culture to international artists bringing their global influences, the festival is a showcase of musical fusion.

But it’s not just about the performers; it’s about the audience. Jazz On The Run is a space where people from all backgrounds meet, learn and groove together.

The diversity is not confined to the music. Workshops and discussions foster a cultural exchange, connecting artists and the audience in an intimate conversation.

New Audiences. Unified Experiences.

For unsure or curious individuals, we’ve imagined the perfect entry point of discovery with free AR performances that are invitations to passersby to stop, observe and be engaged.

Posters are left around neighbourhoods, allowing people to tap their phones for a spontaneous AR performance from wherever they are and catch a glimpse of the music. It is not just aboout experiencing jazz; it is about discovering it.

Travelling to different heartland districts, Jazz On The Run collaborates with local businesses, offering them a stage to showcase their unique brands. It is a symbiotic relationship where jazz meets local flavours and attendees not only enjoy the music but also discover local gems.

Each neighbourhood brings its own unique lineup of six performers, creating a collectible festival booklet for jazz enthusiasts. These booklets serve as mementos of the journey, providing detailed information on the performers and activities as well as passports, encouraging attendees to explore different towns to complete their collection.

Workshops play a pivotal role in connecting audiences with the heart of jazz. These interactive sessions offer something for everyone. Beyond just education, these workshops foster a sense of community and participation. They create a space for individuals to connect over shared interests.

Where visuals and melodies collide

The core of Jazz On The Run’s identity lies within the spirited and eclectic essence of jazz music. This places the dynamic and ever-changing typography at the forefront, not just static; they ebb and flow just like the music, evolving across designs.

The paper-cut look in the organic graphics mirrors the improvisational spirit of the music, bursting forth with striking colours like the vivacity of jazz.

An ever-evolving harmony

Standing for accessibility, diversity and the unbridled spirit of jazz, Jazz On The Run stands as a testament to the power of music to transcend differences and is a festival that thrives on inclusivity and spontaneity. By taking jazz to unexpected heights, the festival can continue to grow and expand, becoming a cultural landmark of discovery.

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