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Developing a holistic offering for new dog owners.

project x: The Dog Pod

Contributor Felicia Jong

With numbers of first-time pet owners on the rise, how can we cultivate responsible pet ownership?

The Dog Pod is a holistic end-to-end pet care offering designed for new and would-be dog owners. We aim to develop a generation of confident and responsible dog parents through a hands-on, educational approach.

Current Pet Industry: Scattered Services
While there is a substantial number of pet retail and pet-related services readily available, these services are typically not affiliated, and new owners are often overwhelmed by the steep learning curve. As such, The Dog Pod fills the gaps by unifying the various services a physically and emotionally healthy pet needs. Thereby offering first-time owners easy access to a robust introduction into holistic pet care.

Cultivating a Generation of Responsible Owners
Owning a pet should never be a fleeting decision. The journey to becoming responsible dog owners starts with evaluating one’s commitment and readiness to raise a new family member. As such, our website guides would-be owners through various considerations.

As we advocate for adoption over purchasing, only dogs from registered responsible breeders and reputable animal welfare groups are listed. Our site also acts as an evaluation portal where we consider applicants’ current and future living situations, time and financial commitment, and other pet ownership concerns before matchmaking with suitable breeds that fit the applicants’ lifestyle. A thorough video consultation with select breeders may be conducted as required.

Customised Starter Kit and Training Sanctuary
We understand that being a first-time dog owner is stressful and daunting, especially in the beginning. The Dog Pod offers support via a holistic two-pronged approach: a customised starter-kit, and a targeted syllabus to help owners with training. Each kit is designed specifically for each dog breed, personality and owner’s about dogs. The Starter-Kit and Training Syllabus will cover the 3 fundamentals of essential pet care: basic behavioural training, proper grooming techniques, and nutritious diet planning. With this streamlined and intentional approach, first-time owners can start their pet journey with greater confidence.

Responsible pet ownership needs to be cultivated from the very beginning. By laying a good foundation for new dog parents with the necessary skills and knowledge early, we’ll help groom more committed and responsible dog ownership.

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