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Customer experience and business strategy for Upside Motion, a multidisciplinary fitness studio in Singapore.


Re-Focusing on Relationships that MatterAn industry disruptor enters the market. Your business changes, almost overnight. Everything you thought you knew about your clients? Now needs to be re-evaluated. For an established boutique fitness brand like Upside Motion, the arrival of a service aggregator in the fitness industry triggered an uneasy evolution.

Instead of passively treading water in this new paradigm, we went on the offensive.

We laid out our research goals: To discover what Upside Motion means to loyal members. In doing so, we reconnected with what makes UM unique, and uncovered opportunities for improvement.

UM has never been a revolving door of faceless gym-goers. To refocus on relationships and community, we identified our core client base and designed for them.

We then analysed attendance patterns of each membership segment, to reveal where we could encourage higher attendance. Our research results also provided a framework for recommending packages best suited to each member type.

In getting to know our different types of clients, we also learned their personal goals and frustrations, and how to talk to each of them differently. Each segment faced different mental barriers to regular attendance — to get their buy-in, we would need to help them overcome these barriers.

Instead of trying to compete with an aggregator on price and flexibility, we doubled down on conveying the benefits of the UM lifestyle. Armed with the insights gained from our research, we embarked on a content strategy to reinforce our values and upsides.

UX Research, Communications & Retention Strategy
To an established brand, external changes can be a threat, or an opportunity. Many feel helpless in the face of change, and resort to price competition for survival.

We worked with Upside Motion to take the proactive approach. We identified behavioural trends in their core audience, and equipped them with new tools to move forward.

We continue to work with UM to monitor and refine their strategy for thriving in a disrupted industry.

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