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Branding and brand strategy for cmX by Capitaland.


Does the Mall of the Future Include Us? Technological advancement brings new ways to shape the retail experience. In a physical retail space, how can we deploy tech as a tool for engagement?

By focussing on the end-customer’s retail experience, we gave shape to cmX, a sandbox for the mall of the future.


cmX was Capitaland’s testing ground for improving the retail environment. A space to show stakeholders the latest front-end and back-end retail technology. Presented with a wealth of possibilities, cmX needed a guiding framework that prioritised the end-customer’s shopping experience.
Catalyst for change
Instead of framing cmX as a cool new playground for tech-savvy tenants, we saw it as a tool for improving shoppers’ retail experience.

Catalyst for experience
cmX’s visual identity captures the vision of catalysis — collaboration, synergy, and exploration into the unknown.
Catalyst for spaces
Malls aren’t just places that people go to spend money. They are shared community spaces. cmX’s brand identity had to go beyond the technical-speak aimed at enticing stakeholders, internal and external.

Research, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity System, Brand Collaterals
With the lessons learned from cmX, Capitaland went on to launch nomadX. By empowering tenants and stakeholders to provide meaningful experiences to shoppers, we aligned cmX with Capitaland’s vision of enriching people and communities through real-estate services.

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